2017 The Northern Trust Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather

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The Northern Trust 2017

Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather


Group A
Group B
Group B
Group C
Round 4 (Sun)
Start: Dustin Johnson (2*)
Bench: Rickie Fowler (1*)
Start: Jordan Spieth (2)
Bench: Charley Hoffman (5*)
Start: Justin Thomas (3*)
Start: Henrik Stenson (5*)
Bench: Brooks Koepka (4)
  • Weather: 9-10 mph winds all day. No real advantage.
  • Group A: DJ to try to chase Jordan down.
  • Group B: Well, Jordan forced our hand, so let’s hope he takes this one home. Jordan in, Hoffman out. Lots of guys we liked but were out of starts (Kuchar/Casey) hanging around, but we want Spieth to get us some bonus points as several teams do not have him available at this point. The good news is that Jordan built a lead so it’s a no brainer to burn our 2nd to last Spieth start. We’ll see how it goes. Thomas is his pair.
  • Group C: Stenson one final time.
  • Other Thoughts: Should move up a few spots after a decent Saturday, so that’s a plus. We’ll see how Sunday plays out. Good luck!