2017 Tour Championship Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather

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2017 Tour Championship

Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather


Group A
Group B
Group B
Group C
Round 1 (Thu)
Start: Dustin Johnson
Bench: Jason Day
Start: Jordan Spieth
Bench: Justin Thomas
Start: Justin Rose
Bench: Hideki Matsuyama
Start: Jon Rahm
Bench: Brooks Koepka
  • Weather: Wow, virtually no wind either of the first two days. Weather is not a factor for round 1.
  • Group A: We’re out of Rickie starts and we’ll assume Leishman won’t win back-to-back, so we’ll go DJ and Day. We saved DJ for a reason and he has $10M reasons to play well this week. He’s played well here in the past and finished strong last week so we’ll take our chances. Day also playing well.
  • Group B: We are out of Casey and Kuchar, so they are off the table. Casey is a good option if you have one left. We saved Spieth for this moment so we’ll let it ride on Spieth. The other question is Rose vs. Thomas. We’ll have both and Rose has a great track record here and three solid weeks of golf under his belt recently. We’re always wrong on Thomas but the $10M pressure could go either way… he forgets about it and plays great golf or he is overcome by the pressure and finishes middle of the pack. Last week’s 47th place finish was typical Thomas. We’ll go Rose based on data and mix in Thomas as warranted. Matsuyama on bench given you never know with Hideki. He’s finished well last Sunday but has been in a drought for a month or so.
  • Group C: We’ll go Rahm and Koepka based on the numbers. Garcia is the other option. Koepka and Garcia both got a major but haven’t been playing as well lately. Koepka has been a little better and can play lights out occasionally. Rahm has been more consistent recently and seems to be on top of his game. Only reason to use someone else is if he falters or they get in contention.
  • Other Thoughts: Final week. After our Justin Thomas debacle three weeks ago (falling from 15th to 73rd overall for the year), we rebounded nicely last week to climb back inside the top 50 (44th place). Any way you slice it, it’s been a good year and we’re currently 1st in our all our leagues including a 1300 team league (just pushed our way to the front last week), so the dream of a 1st place finish is off the table but we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. One more week to hopefully either hold steady or make up some more ground. Good luck and thanks for following us this entire season! We hope you’ve had a good ride as well!