Golf Tournament Preparation Tips (#1) – the Golf Course Yardage Book

In our new series on golf tournament preparation, we’ll look at the list of things to consider as you prepare for an upcoming golf competition. The first aspect will be the yardage book.

How to Prepare for a Golf Tournament (Tip #1) – The Golf Course Yardage Book

Once you have registered for a golf tournament, you should either go to the golf course and purchase a yardage book or call them (if they are not close to home) and have them mail you one. An alternative approach is to use one of the new golf apps to speed your education on a new course.  While the do-it-yourself approach may save you a few dollars, we still believe that purchasing a yardage book is the preferred way to go.

There are several reasons to purchase a yardage book early in your preparation process. First, it illustrates the length and potential difficulties of a golf course. You can learn the curvature of the holes and start preparing how you will approach each hole in competition. Developing a game plan will be very important to limit the amount of real-time thinking you must do on a golf course. Your goal is execution and the more thinking you have to do on the golf course, the more potential doubt you will have. Second, most yardage books have additional room for you to record details and course strategy as you go through the necessary steps to prepare for a golf tournament. This can be your all-in-one map or manual on how to approach the entire round. During your practice rounds, you’ll want to record all sorts of details including where you should aim your drive, what club to hit depending on the wind, and how you want to approach the green. You can clearly mark areas to avoid and also document the direction and intensity of slope on various portions of the green. Once you’ve prepared for your tournament, just slip this yardage book into your back pocket during your rounds and utilize it early and often as you improve your course management and remember key details to lower your score. We hope you’ll benefit from these golf tournament preparation tips. They are not necessarily in the precise order, but we’ll do our best to line them up once complete.

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We hope you enjoy our golf tournament preparation list and that it helps lower your scores. Good luck in your next golf tournament!

#1 Yardage Book
#2 Course Map
#3 Weather Conditions
#4 Pin Placements
#5 Green Speeds
#6 Green Breaks
#7 Golf Bag Essentials
#8 Special Golf Equipment